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Bangkok Story in Pictures.

Made by Julien Gauthier. Inspired by the book The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi.

The main character of the book is Emiko, a Japanese girl genetically engineer to serve normal humans.

She was abandoned in this city when she became outdated. She was design to have a super smooth skin, not really appropriate to survive under such hot and humid weather condition. Hence she always needs to cool down. She took place at the top of a shanty tower where she take care of the other unnatural being that nobody want, the "The Cheshire cats".

The Megadonts are genetically altered elephants made to replace machines and vehicles. They are also used in the factories as power source.

I wanted to try doing a panoramic painting for the longest time. I thought the street would be a good start for it.

"Down field, a new dirigible is slowly descending, its massive kink-spring fans using up the last of their joules to maneuver the beast over its anchors. Cables snake down from its belly, dragged by lead weights. Anchor pad workers wait with upraised hands to secure the floating monster to their Megodont teams, as though praying to some massive god."

This idea is not in the book but I though it can be an interesting part of the city. That there is so many people in the city that they start to use the abandoned public places to install their shanty dwellings.

SpringLife Office and Factory.

Airship Hangar.

Sky Transport.



Sunny Alley.

Text by Julien Gauthier.